CFOs on contract! Is it possible?

Category: CFO Services
Author: Shivam Khanna

7th November, 2018, Wednesday: The concept of a CFO is highly misunderstood and a grey area in
India, particularly for the mid and small segment companies. While your accounts department and
the auditor (CA) of an organisation take care of the accounting and compliance aspects, a Chief
financial officer (CFO) is the officer of a company that has primary responsibility for managing the
company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, treasury duties,
economic strategy and forecasting. These financial aspects are highly underrated in the SME
segment, which brings us to you.

What are CFO services and why you need them?
With growth, every organisation witnesses increase in number of processes, hierarchies and complex operational structures. At this juncture it usually becomes difficult for the promoters to keep a tab on all cost centres and micromanage operations. Thus, they tend to lose focus on the core area of business development. This brings in the need for CFO services in an organisation. An “external CFO” takes care of all such aspects and brings out the efficiencies in an organisation by actively engaging in ground level change implementation.

CFO Services are like “Renting a CFO”
Newer and smaller businesses don’t always have enough work for a full-time CFO, but that doesn’t
mean they don’t need access to a CFO’s skills and talents. In fact, when you’re first growing your
business, you need CFO services more than ever. CFO services allow you to leverage the services of
your accounting department. You get access to all that a CFO can do, but only to the extent you
need it.

Conventional CFOs vs. Cashcow CFO Services:
CFOs of most companies are very highly qualified individuals (MBAs from IIMs etc., CA rankers etc.).
Such high qualification comes at humongous cost which is out of reach for a growing organisation.
Cashcow CFOs are not just individuals working for you, rather a team of CAs and MBAs who
collectively bring in ideas, expert insights and exquisite business solutions, delivered by a
professional stationed at your premises. All this comes at a fraction of cost to conventional CFOs.

Cashcow CFOs form an extension of its client’s management team as a “Strategic partner” to foster sustainable growth by, firstly, defining a Target operating model (TOM) with a 3-5 year strategy;
based on accurate information and, secondly, developing a methodological framework for process
optimization and ensuring its implementation in organisation’s daily practices at the ground level, to bring out our signature threefold efficiencies:

  • Process Efficiency
  • Financial Efficiency
  • Manufacturing Efficiency

This helps our clients with multiple benefits like improved profitability and sustained growth in
revenues. And with our debt/ equity finance services, we help our clients with their credit score
cards (ratings) and getting them the best interest rates for their financial borrowings, which in turn
lead to significant interest cost savings. Unlike an advisory firm, we facilitate perfect implementation
and induce exclusive insights throughout your growth journey.

Get in touch with us at Cashcow Consulting to learn more about outsourced CFO services and what
they can do for you. We look forward to talking with you.