Project Finance

Existing capacity utilisation & optimisation

Many a times, capacity expansion decisions are taken without knowing the process bottlenecks that create the difference between the rated and utilised capacity. Cashcow Consulting’s capability to understand the process required to link, seamlessly communicate and data capture between production planning, order size, runtime of machines, layover time, consumption pattern for line manufacturing facility enables process based debottlenecking that addresses the difference between rated and utilised capacity to a large extent.

Capacity enhancement or Technological up-gradation and Budgeting

Budgeting and long term forecasting defines the challenge that the company is bound to face regarding project loan. Whether it merits capacity enhancement or technology up-gradation or both is the question which requires thorough analysis. Cashcow consulting provides the management team with valuable reports that act as input for product pricing, finance requirement for project execution and necessitated capacity utilisation for break-even. The team has done Techno Economic Viability (TEV) study for numerous industries and that forms the backbone for recommendations.

Raising Debt

As discussed above, debt is one of the major sources of project financing.The size of a project determines whether the existing reserves are sufficient or would it require raising project loan or long-term debt. Cashcow Consulting is equipped with professional team with almost 25 years of experience in debt-raising. The team has raised domestic and foreign currency term loans as well as External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) from abroad. Basis fund flow analysis and long term forecasting the required structuring of the debt is undertaken to ensure better risk management for repayment. Term debt is always accompanied by enhancement in working capital.
Read more about working capital finance hereIf required, we also assist you in raising capital through any other sources of project financing.