Our Team Intro

Our Team

At Cashcow, the team works cohesively to carve out unique strategies, ideas and solutions. That’s how we are “Crafting growth stories”.

It all started when two passionate entrepreneurs decided to leverage their financial expertise through assisting clients in raising finance and capital restructuring. With time, as the relationship with clients matured, they realised that there was a vacuum of expertise in terms of financial management and capital appropriation. Across industries, especially SMEs, the management faced issues like working capital management, receivable management and partly implemented ERP packages, leading to substantial loss of control over operations and data flows.

All of this could be fixed with an expert’s hindsight which would also free up the management’s bandwidth to focus on business development and other core areas. This gave birth to Cashcow CFOs, which eventually came out as our forte, thanks to our clients who kept faith in us and allowed us to bring a difference in their organisation.