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Strategic Mergers and acquisitions

Every business owner, at some point of time, has to answer the below critical questions:
  • How to scale up a small business to a big one? or,
  • How to grow the existing one at an accelerated pace into a position of dominance?
The answer to above requires meticulous planning, data backed decision-making and successful execution of any growth strategy. 

Every growing mergers and acquisition companies with surplus funds may look at expansion via an inorganic or organic route. Alternatively, backward or forward integration of the product lines can bring significant value to the organisation. Each growth strategy comes with its own risk and rewards. Mergers and acquisition companies that grow inorganically, can gain access to new markets, improved revenue streams and better technology, through successful mergers and acquisitions companies, but on the flip side the challenges of size-management & culture-blending need to be addressed too. Organically growing, on the other hand is more like gulping what can be chewed and that requires time and patience to nurture, flipside being the market and competition, not providing the comfort of time. 

To make such critical decision Cashcow CFOs provide you with best insights and advisory. Our market presence & regular interaction within our strong network makes us continuously aware of unique opportunities that arise, we ascertain the value proposition basis SWOT, using available data.