CFO services – Our Team

The expanse of our services is unique in the industry and includes strategic consulting, corporate finance, financial advisory, facilitating systems implementation and outsourcing CFO services. Cashcow CFO Service is a consolidation of forming finance function strategy, meticulously designed processes and structures for your organisation and full implementation of such enabling mechanisms. Thus, our CFOs play multi-dimensional role to support your finance function, the four dimensions of our CFOs being:


The first facet is “Assessor”, studying and understanding the internal controls and environment of the organisation to analyse issues and make the foundation strong to grow upon.


The second is “Sedulous”, being dedicated towards the client’s organisation and acting with diligence, thereby minimising any conflicts of interest.


The third is “Alleviator”, working towards fixing the gaps and pain points of the organisation and bringing out efficiencies, through application of their expertise and experience.


The fourth is “Visionary”, being enterprising and intrepid while planning strategies and budgeting keeping in mind the long term consequences, to mitigate risk and foster sustainable growth in the organisation.

In addition to these four dimensions, our CFOs may sometimes be burdened with a variety of other responsibilities that have little or even nothing to do with finance. Such work areas may belong to the Chief Operating Officer or some other senior personnel but the need arises due to lack of manpower or undefined responsibility areas.

We understand that sometimes, the time or resources to meet all of these conflicting demands are limited and that today’s CFOs face a variety of big debates, and in most cases, there is not only one 'right' answer.

Variables need to be considered and good judgement needs to be applied.