CFO Consulting

Financial Health Check-up

Often management may look out for getting an analysis of the financials and historical performance of the company to understand the strength, weaknesses and opportunities. This involves application of ratio analysis, statistical techniques and may require on-site walkthroughs. This activity is a pre-requisite for CFO services.

Forecasts & Budgeting

To evaluate the opportunities and growth plans, it is necessary to prepare forecasts and budgets. These help us understand the business better and provide a stronger basis for deciding the strategy of the company to achieve its goals.

The main objective of this activity is to understand how our growth plan would fare in reality, assuming past trends continue, adjusted to any additional information or update available. The more detailed and periodic such statements are, the better the insights are, for intelligent decision making. Variance analysis of past budgets give us how accurate our estimates were vis-à-vis our actual performance, the good decisions and the bad ones. It provides a basis for better future planning. Budgets and forecasts also give us a benchmark on the basis of past records for future performance and efficiency. If you are currently facing hiccups in your growth journey w.r.t. to uncontrolled costs, planning & budgeting, regular fund crunch or lower than expected profits, our CFOs can help. We are experienced in multiple industries to craft unique solutions

Capital Structure

With a rich experience in the debt advisory and capital restructuring strategies, the debt vertical at Cashcow stands high. We can advise you regarding the best capital mix, modes of finance and its disposition and provide you with unique funding solutions, thanks to our vast network and reach in the industry.

Crafting Long Term Strategy

The management may have plans for growth of their business in terms of achieving higher sales, geographical expansion, product line diversification, merger & acquisition, forward or backward integration or going public, which may require an expert’s opinion or guidance. Cashcow CFOs are trained and experienced to handle such situations and evaluate the viability of such plans.

By providing you better insights backed by financial data, we can help you to take informed and better decision. We can also help you in devising better strategies for achieving success in your growth plans.