Clearship Freight fowarders PLC

R. Radhakrishnan

(Chairman, Clearship Group)

"Our association with Cashcow Consulting for the past 5 years has been deeply rewarding. They have made a significant impact in the way Clearship Group has been borrowing from banks, bringing in their expertise to help us to firstly determine our optimal working capital requirements and secondly, going ahead and arranging it through the banks at the lowest interest rates possible.

We wish them all the very best in all their future endeavours and looking forward to keep our symbiotic relationship going."

Rich Offset India

Tushar Shah

(Director, Rich Offset India)

"Cashcow Consulting has made a tremendous impact in the time we have been associated with them. They have been thoroughly professional in their approach and their CFO's have gone about setting up system's and process's which has gone a long way in improving the financial efficiency of the company.

I can confidently say that they are now a permanent fixture in the company and we look forward to a long innings with them."

Malhar Décor LLP

Sneha Rane

(Partner, Malhar Décor LLP)

"Cashcow Consulting has done a very professional job in terms of going about setting up the processes in the firm. These processes allowed for the seamless flow of data right from material procurement to production to inventory to sales in a timely and accurate manner. Armed with these data points, Cashcow Consulting appointed CFO's have been able to provide us with timely reports for management discussion thereby impacting process, product mix & distribution strategy to improve the overall financial health of the firm.

Cashcow Consulting has NOT played an advisory role, but that of an 'Active Implementer' getting the buy in from all our employees along the way. They are now very much a part of the management team and we would wholeheartedly recommend them to any of their prospective clients."

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The Cashcow Story

We know finance!

At Cashcow, we believe there is a better way to handle finances. Building more value and less clutter, a way where customers are earned rather than bought. Our focus is on providing financial expertise to our clients. It is one of the least understood aspects for small and mid-segment clients and is often confused with the process of accounting, auditing or compliance. We see this as an opportunity for us: We’re excited to simplify finance for everyone and educate them through our expertise in the field.

About Us

Cashcow is a leading provider of outsourced CFO services and financial consultancy, based in Mumbai. Our team comprises of highly qualified professionals: CAs and MBAs who have deep subject knowledge & expertise. Collectively put together, we have over 77 years of experience, which is why we understand the exact nature of your business's financial requirements. We provide you with accurate analysis, backed with statistics and most importantly the right solution.

What can we offer?

Every company has unique needs and situation, which require an expert’s supervision to overcome the daily challenges to the finance function, administration hurdles and oversee the daily operations. Cashcow comes as a rescue to all your financial woes ranging from raising finance and working capital management to providing financial expertise through CFO services. Our team has years of experience of helping business make informed strategic financial decisions, capital restructuring and raising different forms of finance, growth plan strategy, systems implementation and optimisation, overcome related challenges, advise on M&A and corporate restructuring.

Outsourced CFO Services

Outsourced CFO function to support the existing management tailored to an affordable budget

CFO Consulting

Selected support for any exigencies in the existing finance function

Systems Strategy

Facilitating and supporting the implementation of ERP systems in an organisation & its integration with operations

Working Capital Finance

Boosting the availability of working capital through optimising its flow and matching it with your business requirements

Project Finance

Helping clients raise appropriate long term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project

Strategic M&A (Debt)

Facilitating acquisition of company through buying of assets of the target company instead of its stock (equity)

Cashcow CFOs Tagline

“Crafting growth stories!” stands for exactly what we do. Cashcow CFOs use their experience and expertise to assist the small and mid-sized organisations overcome challenges, form robust strategies and achieve their goals. We use a combination of historical financials and performance, industry benchmarks, exquisite insights and handcrafted solutions to offer strategy, diagnostics , design and implementation support covering all areas of the finance function.

How can we help?

Contact us today to discuss how we can integrate our solutions into a tailored offering to meet your requirements and priorities.

Insights & Articles

Learn more about the latest developments in the finance industry and the views of our experts here. We also bring in new articles regularly to give you exquisite insights and learning, directly from our CFOs’ desk.

Balance Sheet – The Mystique!!

Category: Knowledge Series-1
Author: Giridhar Narayanan

17th June, 2019, Monday: For most of the small and medium business owners, or should I say, technocrats, the word “Balance Sheet” only exists because there is compliance around it from the governmental agencies and i...

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